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This is a first beta version of a faceted browser for the TTNI wiki. Once we upgraded the TTNI-wiki to the most recent software this browser will be more capable. However in the long run we plan to use more sophisticated search techniques. At the moment it is just possible to filter the Think Tanks according to topics and countries.

2020health in United Kingdom, London.
Academy of Liberalism in Estonia, Tallin. Founded in the Year 2006.
Accion Emprendedora in Chile, Santiago de Chile.
Acton Institute in USA, Grand Rapids / Michigan. Founded in the Year 1990.
Adam Smith Center in Poland, Warsaw. Founded in the Year 1989.
Adam Smith Institute in UK, London. Founded in the Year 1977 by Madsen Pirie
Adam Smith Society in Italy, Mailand.
Adelphi Research in Germany, Berlin. Founded in the Year 2001 by Mikael P. Henzler
Adelphi consult in Germany, Berlin. Founded in the Year 2002 by Mikael P. Henzler
Adriatic Institute for Public Policy in Croatia, Rijeka. Founded in the Year 2004 by Joel Anand Samy
AfroBarometer in International. Founded in the Year 1999.
Agenda Austria in Austria, Wien. Founded in the Year 2013 by Christoph Kraus
Aktionsgemeinschaft Soziale Marktwirtschaft in Germany, Tübingen. Founded in the Year 1953.
Alaska Center for Public Policy in USA, Anchorage. Founded in the Year 2004 by Lawrence D. Weiss
Alexander Langer Foundation in Italy, Bozen. Founded in the Year 1999.
Allianz für den Rechtsstaat in Germany, Berlin. Founded in the Year 1996 by Beatrix von Storch
Alois Mock Institut in Austria, St. Pölten. Founded in the Year 2012 by Wolfgang Sobotka
Alternative Foundation in Spain, Barcelona. Founded in the Year 2003.
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research in USA, Washington, D.C.. Founded in the Year 1938.
Amicus Europae Foundation in Poland, Warsaw. Founded in the Year 2004 by Aleksander Kwaśniewski
Andes Libres in Peru, Cusco.
Antall József Knowledge Centre in Hungary, Budapest. Founded in the Year 2003.
Anton Tunega Foundation in Slovakia, Bratislava. Founded in the Year 1992.
Arbejderbevaegelsens Erhvervsrad in Denmark, Copenhagen. Founded in the Year 1936.
Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families in USA, Little Rock. Founded in the Year 1977 by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Asociacion Escuela Cristiana de Liderazgo in Peru, Iquitos. Founded in the Year 2011.
Asociacion Nacional de Fomento Economico in Costa Rica, San Jose. Founded in the Year 1958.
Association Culturelle Joseph Jacquemotte in Belgium, Brussels. Founded in the Year 1961.
Associazione Bruno Trentin - ISF - IREF in Italy, Rome. Founded in the Year 2014.
Atlantik-Brücke e.V. in Germany, Berlin. Founded in the Year 1952 by Eric M. Warburg
Atlas Network in USA. Founded in the Year 1981 by Antony Fischer
Atvisa visuomene ir jos draugai in Lithuania, Klaipėda. Founded in the Year 2005.
Austrian Economics Center in Austria, Vienna. Founded in the Year 2006 by Barbara Kolm
Austrian Institute for European Security Policy in Austria, Maria Enzersdorf. Founded in the Year 1996.
Avenir Suisse in Switzerland, Zürich.
BEworks in Canada, Toronto. Founded in the Year 2010 by Dan Ariely
BVA Group - Nudge et Comportement in France, Boulogne-Billancourt.
Behavioral Economics Group in UK. Founded in the Year 2008 by Alain Samson
Behavioral Science and Policy Association in USA, Durham, NC. Founded in the Year 2012 by Craig R. Fox
Behavioral Science and Policy Center in USA, Durham, NC. Founded in the Year 2012 by Sim Sitkin
Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government in Australia, Canberra. Founded in the Year 2016.
Behavioural Experiments in Health Network in UK/EU, London. Founded in the Year 2015.
Behavioural Insights Team in UK/international, London. Founded in the Year 2010.
Behavioural Scientist in USA, New York. Founded in the Year 2017.
Bertelsmann Foundation in Germany, Gütersloh. Founded in the Year 1977 by Reinhard Mohn
Bertil Ohlin Institute in Sweden, Stockholm. Founded in the Year 1993.
Bibliothek des Konservatismus in Germany, Berlin. Founded in the Year 2012 by Dieter Stein
Blaue Narzisse in Germany, 09131 Chemnitz. Founded in the Year 2004 by Felix Menzel
Bund Deutscher Unitarier in Germany/EU, Giessen. Founded in the Year 2009.
Bund der Steuerzahler e.V. in Germany, Berlin. Founded in the Year 1949 by Karl Bräuer
Bureau de Helling in Netherlands, Utrecht. Founded in the Year 1990.
Burkestichting in Netherlands, Den Haag.
Bündnis Recht und Demokratie in Germany, Frankfurt am Main. Founded by Markus Fuchs
Bürgerkonvent in Germany, Berlin. Founded in the Year 2003 by Gerd Langguth
C02-Coalition in USA. Founded in the Year 2015 by William Happer
CARIBBEAN POLICY RESEARCH INSTITUTE in Jamaica. Founded in the Year 2008.
CEE Network for Gender Issues in Slovenia, Ljubljana. Founded in the Year 1998.
CEVRO Liberal Conservative Academy in Czech Republic, Prague. Founded in the Year 1999.
CREO (Centrum Rozwoju Edukacji Obywatelskiej) in Poland, Gdańsk. Founded in the Year 2006.
California Budget Project in USA, Sacramento, CA.
Caminos de la Libertad in Mexico, México D.F.. Founded in the Year 2005 by Ricardo B. (entrepreneur Grupo Salinas) Salinas
Captus in Sweden, Malmö. Founded in the Year 2005 by Nima Sanandaji
Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung. Founded in the Year 1960.
Carnegie Trust UK in United Kingdom, Dunfermline. Founded in the Year 1913 by Andrew Carnegie
Catalanist and Democrat Foundation (CatDem) in Spain, Barcelona. Founded in the Year 1994.
Cato Institute in USA, Washington. Founded in the Year 1977.
Cato Institute en Español. Founded in the Year 1998.
Causa Liberal in Portugal, Porto. Founded by Carlos Novais
Center for Advanced Hindsight in USA, Durham, NC. Founded in the Year 2007 by Dan Ariely
Center for Civic Education (CREO) in Poland, Gdansk. Founded in the Year 2006 by Agnieszka Pomaska
Center for Democracy Foundation in Serbia, Beograd. Founded in the Year 1994 by [[Mićunović, Dragoljub, Ognjenović, Vida, Grubač, Momčilo, Vučković, Slobodan, Petovar, Ksenija, Matejić, Vlastimir, Vujović, Sreten, Knjazev-Adamović, Svetlana, Stefanović, Ivana, Vučković, Nataša, Podunavac, Milan, Radojković, Miroljub, Vukomanović, Milan, Miloradov, Marija, Krešić, Marin, Domazet, Dragan, Mićunović, Natalija, Ruždić, Leila, Božović, Borka, Pešikan, Ana, Lukačević, Stefan, Kragujević, Gabrijela, Nektarijević, Radoslav, Ivković, Mirko, Popović, Andrej, Ražnatović, Aleksandar, Đelić, Božidar, Jovanović, Gordana| Dragoljub Mićunović]]
Center for European Policy in Germany, Freiburg. Founded in the Year 2006.
Center for Financial Stability in USA, New York. Founded in the Year 2009 by Lawrence Goodman
Center for Institutional Analysis and Development in Romania, Bucharest. Founded in the Year 2005 by Horia Paul Terpe
Center for Liberty Studies in Lithuania. Founded in the Year 2013.
Central Innovation Hub (at the Privy Council) in Canada, Ottawa, ON. Founded in the Year 2015.
Centre Jean Gol in Belgium, Brussels. Founded in the Year 2004.
Centre Party International Foundation in Sweden, Stockholm. Founded in the Year 1995.
Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR) in UK, London. Founded in the Year 2001.
Centre for Democracy and Development (Nigeria) in Nigeria, Abuja. Founded in the Year 1997.
Centre for Development and Enterprise (South Africa) in South Africa, Johannesburg. Founded in the Year 1995.
Centre for Economics and Politics (CEP) in Czech Republic, Prag. Founded in the Year 1998 by Václav Klaus
Centre for European Policy Studies in Belgium, Brussels. Founded in the Year 1983.
Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) in United Kingdom, London. Founded in the Year 1974 by Keith Joseph
Centre for Political Thought in Poland, Krakow. Founded in the Year 1992.
Centre for the Study of Democracy and Culture in Czech Republic, Brno. Founded in the Year 1993.
CentreForum in UK, London. Founded in the Year 2005.
Centro Einaudi in Italy, Turin.
Centro Interdisciplinar de Etica e Economia Personalista in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Founded in the Year 2002 by Alex Catharino
Centro Regional de Estrategias Economicas Sostenibles in Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. Founded in the Year 2009.
Centro Tocqueville Acton in Italy, Milan. Founded in the Year 2007 by Fabio Giuseppe Angelini
Centro de Estudios Economico-Sociales in Guatemala, Guatemala. Founded in the Year 1959 by Manuel Ayau
Centro de Estudios Equidad in Chile, Valparaíso.
Centro de Estudios Publicos - Chile in Chile, Santiago de Chile. Founded in the Year 1980 by Jorge Cauas Lama
Centro de Investigacion y Estudios Legales in Peru. Founded in the Year 1989.
Centro de Investigaciones Economicas Nacionales in Guatemala, Guatemala. Founded in the Year 1981.
Centro para la Apertura y el Desarrollo de America Latina in Argentina, Buenos Aires. Founded in the Year 2003.
Centro para la Libertad y el Desarrollo in Peru, Virtual Organisation (no headquarter). Founded in the Year 2011.
Centro per la riforma dello stato in Italy, Rome. Founded in the Year 1972 by Umberto Terracini
Centrum Liberalnich Studii in Czech Republic, Prague. Founded in the Year 1994.
Chifley Research Center in Australia, Kingston, ACT. Founded in the Year 2000.
Circulo de Empresarios in Spain, Madrid. Founded in the Year 1977.
Ciudadano Austral in Chile, Castro.
Civil Society Institute (iFRAP) in France, Paris. Founded in the Year 1981 by Bernard Zimmern
Civismo in Spain, Pamplona. Founded in the Year 2009 by July Pomés
Civita in Norway, Oslo.
Civitas in United Kingdom, London. Founded in the Year 2000.
Cogito in Sweden, Stockholm. Founded in the Year 1995 by Per Gahrton
Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow in USA, Washington DC. Founded in the Year 1985.
Compact, Leipzip. Founded in the Year 2010 by Jürgen Elsässer
Competitive Enterprise Institute. Founded in the Year 1984 by Terry Kibbe
Conservative Institute of M. R. Stefanik in Slovakia, Bratislava. Founded in the Year 1999.
Constantine Karamanlis Institute for Democracy in Greece, Athens. Founded in the Year 1998.
Coordinadora por la Inversion y el Trabajo in Peru, Lima. Founded in the Year 2004.
Corporacion Excelencia en la Justicia in Colombia, Bogotá. Founded in the Year 1996.
Council on Public Policy in Germany, Bayreuth. Founded in the Year 2001.
Croatian Statehood Foundation (ZHDZ) in Croatia, Zagreb. Founded in the Year 1995.
Cul:tra in Portugal, Lisbon.
Cultural Association Punto Rosso in Italy, Milan. Founded in the Year 1991.
Danish Nudging Network in Denmark. Founded in the Year 2010.
De Gasperi Foundation in Italy, Rome. Founded in the Year 1982.
Democracia & Desarrollo Internacional in Peru, Lima. Founded in the Year 2008.
Democracy in Africa Research Unit (South Africa) in South Africa, Cape Town. Founded in the Year 2002.
Democracía & Mercado in Chile, Santiago de Chile. Founded in the Year 2009.
Democratic Civic Association (DCA) in Finland, Helsinki. Founded in the Year 1986.
Demos (LT) in Lithuania, Vilnius. Founded in the Year 2008.
Desiderius-Erasmus-Stiftung in Germany, Berlin. Founded in the Year 2015.
Deutsche Bank Research in Germany, Frankfurt am Main. Founded by Deutsche Bank AG
Deutschlandbewegung in Germany, Starnberg. Founded by Alfred Mechtersheimer
Die Familienunternehmer - ASU in Germany, Berlin. Founded in the Year 1949.
Die Freie Welt in Germany/EU, 10119 Berlin. Founded in the Year 2008 by Sven von Storch
Diktio Network in Greece. Founded in the Year 2013.
ECIPE in Belgium, Brüssel. Founded in the Year 2006.
ECONWATCH in Germany, Berlin. Founded in the Year 2007.
EIKE in Germany, Jena. Founded in the Year 2007 by Holger Thuß
ESEADE in Argentina, Buenos Aires. Founded in the Year 1978 by Rector de ESEADE 1978-2001 Alberto Benegas Lynch
EcoAustria in Austria, Wien. Founded in the Year 2011 by Ulrich Schuh
Economic Policy Institute in USA, Washington, D.C.. Founded in the Year 1986 by Jeff Faux
Economic and Social Research Center in Austria, Vienna. Founded in the Year 2000.
Economic and Social Research Institute in Ireland, Dublin. Founded in the Year 1960.
Ecopolis Foundation in Hungary. Founded in the Year 2010.
EdChoice in USA, Indianapolis. Founded in the Year 1996 by Milton and Rose D. Friedman
Eduardo Frei Stichting in Netherlands, The Hague. Founded in the Year 1970.
Eigentümlich Frei in Germany, 40549 Düsseldorf. Founded in the Year 1998 by André F. Lichtschlag
Ein Prozent, 02797 Kurort Oybin. Founded in the Year 2015 by Philip Stein
Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance in Italy, Rome. Founded in the Year 2008.
Entscheidung für´s Leben in Germany, 10119 Berlin. Founded by Sven von Storch
Espaces Marx in France, Paris. Founded in the Year 1995.
Estat.cz in Czech Republic, Prague. Founded in the Year 2004 by Zdeněk Zajíček
Estudantes Pela Liberdade in Brazil, Network - no headquarter.
Etopia in Belgium, Namur. Founded in the Year 2005.
Eudoxa in Sweden, Stockholm. Founded by Waldemar Ingdahl
Eurolib Network in France. Founded in the Year 2004.
EuropaNova in France/EU, Paris. Founded in the Year 2003 by Guillaume Klossa
Europartenaires in France, Paris. Founded in the Year 1994 by Elisabeth Guigou
Europe of Citizens Foundation in Spain, Madrid. Founded in the Year 1998.
European Academy for Democracy in Czech Republic, Prague. Founded in the Year 1991.
European Alternatives in Italy, Rome. Founded in the Year 2007.
European Coalition for Economic Growth in Austria, Vienna. Founded in the Year 2006.
European Dignity Watch in Belgium, Brussels. Founded in the Year 2010.
European Enterprise Institute in Belgium, Brussels. Founded in the Year 2004 by Peter Jungen
European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity in Netherlands, Amsterdam. Founded in the Year 1993.
European Ideas Network (EIN) in Belgium, Brüssel. Founded in the Year 2002 by James Elles
European Law Institute. Founded in the Year 2011 by Matthias Storme
European Liberal Forum in Belgium, Brussels. Founded in the Year 2007.
European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) in Belgium, Brussels. Founded in the Year 1976.
European Policy Center in Belgium, Brussels. Founded in the Year 1996.
European Policy Forum in UK, London. Founded in the Year 1992.
European Policy Information Center. Founded in the Year 2014.
European Renewal in Netherlands, Amsterdam. Founded in the Year 2007.
Europäisches Institut für Klima und Energie in Germany, Jena. Founded in the Year 2007.
Evropska Akademie pro Demokracii in Czech Republic, Jihlava. Founded in the Year 1991.
FEMAN in Slovakia, Kosice. Founded in the Year 2000.
FIEL - Fundacion de Investigaciones Economicas Latinoamericanas in Argentina, Buenos Aires. Founded in the Year 1964.
Federalismo y Libertad in Argentina. Founded in the Year 2012.
Fondation Copernic in France, Paris. Founded in the Year 1998.
Fondation Gabriel Péri in France, Pantin. Founded in the Year 2004.
Fondation Jean-Jaurès in France, Paris. Founded in the Year 1992 by Pierre Mauroy
Fondation Robert Krieps in Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Founded in the Year 2006.
Fondation Robert Schuman in France, Paris. Founded in the Year 1991.
Fondation de l'Ecologie Politique in France, Paris. Founded in the Year 2012.
Fondation pour l'Innovation Politique in France, Paris. Founded in the Year 2004 by Jerome Monod
Fondazione Critica Liberale in Italy, Rome. Founded in the Year 1994.
Fondazione Farefuturo in Italy, Rome. Founded in the Year 2007 by Gianfranco Fini
Fondazione Foedus in Italy, Rome. Founded in the Year 2003 by Mario Baccini
Fondazione Istituto Gramsci in Italy, Rome. Founded in the Year 1950.
Fondazione ItalianiEuropei in Italy, Rome. Founded in the Year 1998 by Giorgio Napolitano
Fondazione Liberal in Italy, Rome. Founded in the Year 1995 by Ferdinando Adornato