Leontjeva, Kaetana

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Leontjeva, Kaetana
Gender male
Staff member in Lithuanian Free Market Institute
Topics Taxation

Kaetana Leontjeva works as political expert for the Lithuanian Free Market Institute. According to the LFMI website, Kaetana’s daily tasks at the Institute are to monitor the existing and new taxes and to propose solutions on how to lower taxes in Lithuania.She was an important figure in the recent LFMI pre-election project that rated all the Lithuanian political parties (the winner was the the "Liberalų Sąjūdis", a liberal party which is in many ways affiliated with the LFMI. Kaetana is member of a task force set up at the governmental Sunrise Commission (focused on sizing down and modernising the bureaucratic apparatus) to deal with taxation issues. According to the LFMI website, her major studies accomplished while working at LFMI include a Conceptual Framework for Social Security Reform in Lithuania and an Analysis of the Challenges of the Weaknesses and Strategic Planning of the State Budget.

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