New website

We are proud to announce that the TTNR finally has a new, modern looking website packed with new features:

  • The new entry-point is the blog you are reading right now. This change follows the insight that data (the wiki) is nothing without the analysis (what the blog should become). We therefore plan to regularly publish short articles discussing certain highlights of our research. These articles are not only going to show what we found, but also how.
  • The blog as well as the wiki are now connected to the most popular social media platforms. Feel free to use this new possibilities to share our articles with your online-communities. Especially Twitter became increasingly important for research projects like ours during recent years. We acknowledge this trend by joining the Twitter-community. Follow us under @TTNetR!
  • The bulk of data in our wiki is now semantic. That made it possible to provide you with a new basic search at the main page. Use it to search for Think Tanks in certain countries or cities, for Think Tanks dealing with certain topics, or for those with a defined minimum budget and staff size. Additionally it is of course still possible to use the standard wiki search.
  • The semantic mediawiki made it also possible to further enhance the detail pages of the Think Tanks. They feature now a map showing the exact location of the Think Tank and several on the fly generated charts that provide a fast overview.
  • We decided to discontinue the German version of our website. Though it is still available online, we won’t update it anymore.

The screencast down below offers a short introduction to the new website.