Report by Kardelen Günadyin and Dieter Plehwe

Think Tank Research Network’s first report looks into the emerging ‘legal turn’ in think tanks in Europe by focusing on the Centre for European Policy (CEP), the Freiburg-based ordoliberal think tank. The report shows that the CEP’s systematic evaluation of the EU’s policies serves the interests of industry groups and business associations as well as underlines the normative function of legal service provision as a novelty for critical think tank studies.

Podcast with Dieter Plehwe

Dieter Plewe discusses the historical background of the emergence of the Mont Pèlerin Society, its changing influence over the last decades, its members and strategies. The podcast repeatedly revolves around the question of the differentiation and autonomy of neoliberal doctrine. Is the so often invoked end of neoliberalism really in the foreseeable future?

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Journal Article by Dieter Plehwe, Moritz Neujeffski
and Werner Krämer