The Neoliberal Legal Turn

TTNR’s first long read examines the European neoliberal ‘legal turn’ with a focus on the Centre for European Policy (CEP).


On the backdrop of the legal turn of neoliberal groups in the United
States, Think Tank Research Network Initiative’s first long read
examines the European ‘legal turn’ with a focus on the Freiburg based
Centre for European Policy (CEP). The report by Kardelen Günaydın
and Dieter Plehwe examines the systematic analysis and assessment
of European legislative proposals in different policy fields. United by
an ordoliberal perspective CEP staff can be considered to both serve
and educate interest groups and politicians. The examination and
interpretation of European law from a clear normative perspective can
be considered a novel type of legal service provision tailored to the
European legal system.


Kardelen Günaydın
Dieter Plehwe

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