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Zivile Koalition
founded in the year 2006
City Berlin
Country Germany
Website http://www.zivilekoalition.de/
Legal form e.V. (charity)
address Zionskirchstr. 3, 10119 Berlin
founder Sven von Storch, Beatrix von Storch
type of institution Campaign group
Virtual Networks A "Virtual Network" is a group of Think Tanks identified by certain semantic and normative (ideological) commonalities (e.g. climate change scepticism). Such a virtual network constitutes a research field that differs from the study of formal networks. Formal networks are real in the sense of officially acknowledged and immediately open to empirical validation. Virtual networks on the other hand display shared ideas. Social network analysis tools can be applied to find out if or to what extent virtual networks are real networks that display linkages (membership in networks, personnel, resources etc.). Unconnected think tanks in turn can be considered special cases in need of explanation independent from network structures (unless we have to assume invisible, hidden or covered ties). Neue Rechte
Last revision 1.06.2017

The following coordinate was not recognized: 52.535763;13.400959.The following coordinate was not recognized: 52.535763;13.400959. The Zivile Koalition is charitable association which publishes political demands and promotes political campaigns which are similar to those of the AfD party. Supposedly an event by Zivile Koalition in March 2013 was the starting point for the foundation of the AfD, led by Beatrix von Storch.

Organizational Structure and Funding


Zionskirchstr. 3, 10119 Berlin


Executive board

People leading the Think Tank in the day to day business (CEOs, directorates etc.).


Members are not actively engaged in the institution, but have some rights (participation in certain events...). Sometimes members have to pay extensive yearly fees.

Founded by Beatrix von Storch, EU Parliamentarian of AfD and member of the Friedrich A. von Hayek-Gesellschaft think tank until February 2016, and her husband Sven von Storch the organisation lists no other employees.


People or legal entities that either support the Think Tank with their reputation or with their money.

Working mode, goals

The organisation seeks to appear like a grassroots initiative of concerned citizens when in fact its seven foundational members stem from the German 'aristocracy' and from the same family. Topics of the Koalition have been around stopping EU integration and monetary union; stopping family unification in Germany; end to tax increases and the introduction of a flat tax; against the abolition of cash money; changes to electoral system; promotion of heterosexual partnership and natalist policy through tax system. The organisation also maintains https://www.civilpetition.de, https://www.eucheck.org/, and https://www.eucheck.org/.

Cooperations with Think Tanks

Think Tanks that claim to cooperate with the Zivile Koalition

While the section above shows Think Tanks the Zivile Koalition claims to cooperate with, the list below shows Think Tanks that claim to cooperate with the Zivile Koalition.

Cooperations with Non-Think Tanks


We used the DGs of the EU to generate a basic list of topics. This list is going to be steadily extended. However we try to preserve a persistent list of topics.

  • European Integration
  • Euro
  • family policy
  • immigration
  • Economic and Monetary Affairs
  • Taxation

Semantic Fields

What we call here a semantic field is the idea to categorize think tanks in a two level system. The first levels are so called 'Virtual Networks' and the second are the semantic fields. Accordingly every semantic field entered here has to be attached to a virtual network. If you would like to follow a special phenomenon among think tanks please contact us and we are going to add a new virtual network. Semantic fields are topics that promote a virtual network. Lets take climate change as an example: 'climate change skeptics' is the virtual network and 'adaption instead of mitigation' would be one possible semantic field.

  • pro-natalism (Neue Rechte): The organisation promotes natalism in order to foster the German nation. Keyfigures: von Storch, Beatrix
  • anti-Euro (Austerity Politics): The organisation criticises EMU, but also state-spending and argues for tax decreases.


This section is used to note presumptions that need further investigation, as well as things that don't fit into other sections.

On the founding year: 'Der Verein «Zivile Koalition» ist seit 2006 mit grossem Erfolg tätig.'[1]


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