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European Networks

Networks of Party-Affiliated Think Tanks

Introduction to European party-affiliated foundations (transfer slightly revised information from "current project");


EU funded Party Foundations
  • [[Foundation for European Progressive Studies – Network]] (affiliated with the Party of European Socialists) 39 (+ 3 with observer status) foundations/think tanks FEPS-Europe
  • [[Centre for European Studies – Network]] (affiliated with the European People's party) 18 foundations/ think tanks website
  • [[European Liberal Forum – Network]] (affiliated with the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party) 27 foundations/ think tanks website
  • [[Green European Institute – Network]] = Green European Foundation (affiliated with the European Green Party) 12 (+1 observer status) foundations/ think tanks website
  • Institute of European Democrats (affiliated with the European Democratic Party, it is not a network; has been listed however for the sake of completeness) website
  • [[Transform Europe – Network]] (affiliated with the European Left) 15 (+ 7 observer status)foundations/ think tanks website
  • [[European network of political foundations (ENoP) – Network]] 65 foundations/ think tanks - (bipartisan, meeting place for networking and information exchange of political think tanks and foundations being active in the European Union) website [1]
Further Party-Affiliated or Ideoligical Think Tank Networks
  • [[European Ideas Network (EIN) – Network]] 45 (+3 partner institutions not being members of the network - effective 01/2011), initiated by the EEP parliamentary group; overlap with the network of the Centre for European Studies) website
  • Stockholm Network – Network, 120 (effective 05/2011) market economy,neoliberal and free market think tanks

Non-Party-Affiliated Networks

National Networks

Networks in Germany

  • Jenaer Allianz for the renewal of the social market economy: 10 ordo-liberal oriented institutions, among them the economics department of the University Jena website

Networks in Transitional Countries

  • [[Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern Europe (EICEE) – Network]] website
  • [[Policy Association for an Open Society – Network]]website
  • [[South-East European Educational Cooperation – Network]]website: public private network with 270 members, among them academic and other educational institutions and a number of think tanks.

International Networks

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