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Latinoamerica Libre
City Santiago de Chile
Country Chile
Networks Atlas Network, Latinoamerica Libre
Last revision 24.02.2014

LatinoaméricaLibre ("Free Latin America Association" is a web-based initiative for political and economic analysis from a liberal perspective. It supports the party network of the Unión de Partidos Latinoamericanos (UPLA). LatinoaméricaLibre co-operates with (neo-)liberal think tanks all over Latin America. It is based in Santiago de Chile (hosted by Libertad and Desarrollo) and financed by the German Hanns Seidel Foundation.

Organizational Structure and Funding


Cooperations with Think Tanks

Think Tanks that claim to cooperate with the Latinoamerica Libre

While the section above shows Think Tanks the Latinoamerica Libre claims to cooperate with, the list below shows Think Tanks that claim to cooperate with the Latinoamerica Libre. NONE


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