Jambon, Jan

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Jambon, Jan
Gender male
Supervisory Board member in Libera!

Jan Jambon is a member of the supervisory council of the think tank Libera!.

Influence fields of Person

In this section we try to document where the person has which influence.

Leading employee in politics

  • http://www.n-va.be, Chairman of the parliamentary group of the party "New Flemish Alliance" in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives

Leading employee in the NGO sphere

  • http://www.ovv.be/ (formerly), Chairman of the Coordination Center of Flemish Organizations (Overlegcentrum van Vlaamse Verenigingen)

Membership in Think Tank sphere

Membership in business sphere

Membership in the politics sphere

Employee in business sphere

Employee in politics sphere

Notes on the influence fields

Often people are present in various fields, but there presence can't be connected to specific actors (e.g. it is often senseless to connect the media presence of politicians to particular newspapers). We use this section to document these unspecific, but nonetheless important presences.
List of documents authored by Jan Jambon