Hartwich, Oliver Marc

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Hartwich, Oliver Marc
Gender male
Academic title PhD
Leading employee in The New Zealand Initiative
Staff member in Institute for Free Enterprise, International Policy Network, Policy Exchange, The Centre for Independent Studies
Member in Mont Pelerin Society
Alma mater University of Bochum
Subject of study Economics
Topics Infrastructure, Economy, Public Services, Regional Development, Transport

Hartwich wrote a doctoral thesis "in law about the history of German and Australian unfair competition law.".

Influence fields of Person

In this section we try to document where the person has which influence.

Author in the media sphere

Membership in the media sphere

Membership in the academia sphere

Notes on the influence fields

Often people are present in various fields, but there presence can't be connected to specific actors (e.g. it is often senseless to connect the media presence of politicians to particular newspapers). We use this section to document these unspecific, but nonetheless important presences.

  • On his personal website he writes:

"In my think tank work I have dealt extensively with housing, transport, urban regeneration and infrastructure questions. Some of my proposals (such as the British Office for Budget Responsibilty or giving councils better incentives for development) have been implemented by government. Others caused controversy. One has even gained me a personal recommendation from David Cameron to leave Britain for Australia rather sooner than later (which I do not regret)."