Fundacion Pensar

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Fundacion Pensar
Country Argentina
address Balcarce 412, 1° Piso, Bs. As. Argentina
Networks HACER, former Atlas Network
Last revision 8.06.2017

Organizational Structure and Funding


Balcarce 412, 1° Piso, Bs. As. Argentina


Executive board

People leading the Think Tank in the day to day business (CEOs, directorates etc.).


People working for the Think Tank (Fellows etc.). This includes also part-time employees.

  • José Anchorena, Director of Economic Development - Coordinator of Governmental Plans


Experts are not permanently employed at the Think Tank. They are paid for contract research when their expertise is needed. Some Think Tanks call a database of hundred or even more experts their own.


We used the DGs of the EU to generate a basic list of topics. This list is going to be steadily extended. However we try to preserve a persistent list of topics.