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The European Ideas Network (EIN) comprises 45 (plus 3 with observer status) think tanks located in 21 countries. The parliamentary group of the EPP in the European Parliament founded the EIN in 2002.

founding dates of what? – think tanks in general?


The documentation of the entire network includes a brief investigation of all member organizations. Thereby we were especially interested in determining the organizations’ thematic key activities. For the purpose of documenting those key areas we came up with standardized categories (unter Themen in standardisierten Rubriken???). Those we derived from the European Commission’s policy areas with slight modifications. Further the documentation of the EIN network comprises two analytical surveys of the network’s position on a) the issue of the financial and economic crisis, and b) the issue of climate change and policy. Both surveys, EIN on financial and economic crisis and EIN on climate policy illustrate well the wide range of opinions held by the individual organizations within the network. The analysis was conducted on the basis of material available online until 3/2011 considering publications and events hosted by the institutions in the period from 2008 to 2011).

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