Bouillon, Hardy

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Bouillon, Hardy
Gender male
Academic title Prof.
Staff member in Centre for the New Europe, Cobden Centre, Hayek Institute, New Direction - The Foundation for European Reform
Member in Mont Pelerin Society
Advisory Board member in Eigentümlich Frei, Institut Constant de Rebecque, Institut Economique Molinari, Institute for Free Enterprise, Instituto de Libre Empresa, Liberalni Institute, Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Markedscentret, Peruvian Institute of Free Enterprise
Subject of study Economics; Philosophy

Influence fields of Person

In this section we try to document where the person has which influence.

Leading employee in Think Tank

Leading employee in corporation

  • (since 2004), Member of the Board of the German Unternehmerinstitut (UNI) of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Selbständiger Unternehmer (ASU)

Leading employee in academia

Author for Think Tank

Interviewed in media sphere

Membership in Think Tank sphere

Membership in the academia sphere

  •, Allgemeine Gesellschaft für Philosophie in Deutschland (General Society of Philosophy in Germany)

Employee in Think Tank sphere

Employee in academia sphere

Lecturer in academia sphere

  • (summer 2009), Hayek Institute Endowed Guest Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business

Notes on the influence fields

Often people are present in various fields, but there presence can't be connected to specific actors (e.g. it is often senseless to connect the media presence of politicians to particular newspapers). We use this section to document these unspecific, but nonetheless important presences.


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