Liberal Institute for Political Analyses (LIPA)

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Liberal Institute for Political Analyses (LIPA)
founded in the year 2010
City Sofia
Country Bulgaria
address ul. "Vrabcha" 24 1000, Sofia
Networks European Liberal Forum
Last revision 2.06.2015

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Bulgarian: Либерален институт за политически анализи (Липа)
The Liberal Institute for Political Analysis (LIPA) is a Bulgarian non-governmental non-profit organization. The Institute was founded on 15 January 2010 in Sofia. LIPA is a think tank committed to nurturing the political ideas and activities of the liberal and reformist centre in Bulgaria. At the service of Bulgaria and all its citizens, LIPA seeks to reinforce the values of freedom, democracy and humanism. Its aim is to create, promote and spread ideas which are based on political, intellectual and economic freedom. Ideas capable of offering political alternatives to socialism and populism and to show ways of thinking that are different. The other very important mission of LIPA is to support strategically and assist NMSP (The National Movement for Stability and Prosperity) as a liberal party in its effort to advocate the values of liberalism in Bulgarian society. The instruments LIPA uses to achieve these aims include discussion groups, seminars, lectures, and training courses. We issue electronic publications, reports called LIPA Papers, and books published by LIPA. LIPA is shaped as a think tank with a very reduced structure, merely comprising by the directors of the different areas and a small supporting staff.[1]

Organizational Structure and Funding


ul. "Vrabcha" 24 1000, Sofia


Executive board

People leading the Think Tank in the day to day business (CEOs, directorates etc.).


We used the DGs of the EU to generate a basic list of topics. This list is going to be steadily extended. However we try to preserve a persistent list of topics.