Kubitschek, Götz

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Kubitschek, Götz
Gender male
Year of birth 1970
Leading employee in Institut für Staatspolitik
Subject of study Teacher training

Since 2000, Kubitschek has been director of the Institut fuer Staatspolitik, the foremost New Right think tank in Germany. Together with Karlheinz Weissmann he founded the institute in 2000. Together with his wife Ellen Kositza (aka Schenke) he also directs the publishers Antaios. He also is in charge of the the Blog Sezession and the magazine of the same name. Prior to 2000, he was member of the Bundeswehr and wrote for the New Right hebdomadal journal 'junge freiheit', seen by many as the most important newspaper for the New Right while others regard it as the vanguard of 'Young Conservatism'. It seems that due to his writing for 'junge freiheit' he left the military. In 2015 he applied for membership in the new party Alternative fuer Deutschland and was rejected after an intervention of the then party leader Bernd Lucke. While initially reluctant to engage in 'realpolitik' and preferring the 'meta politics' of his think tank, he became involved with the PEGIDA movement and has been supporting the New Right faction in the AfD around Bjoern Hoecke and Andre Poggenburg. Together with the national-conservative Frauke Petry, these two East German regional AfD leaders ousted the market-liberal and socially conservative AfD leader Lucke so that Petry could take over his position. Kubitschek is also seen as a leading person in the Identitarian Movement.