Center for Civic Education (CREO)

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Center for Civic Education (CREO)
founded in the year 2006
acronym CREO
City Gdansk
Country Poland
address Wita Stwosza 31b/9, 80-312 Gdansk
founder Agnieszka Pomaska
Last revision 5.12.2014

The following coordinate was not recognized: 54.4015507;18.5663568.The following coordinate was not recognized: 54.4015507;18.5663568. CREO is/was a institution close to the Polish party Platformy Obywatelskiej (Citizen Platform). Last time we accessed the URL of CREO in 2012, it is now used by a domain name seller. There are no further informations to be found. Still the center ist listed as a member of the European Ideas Network, but it is to be surmised that EIN's web listing of members is outdated.

Organizational Structure and Funding


Wita Stwosza 31b/9, 80-312 Gdansk



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