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In September, the world of political science will gather in Glasgow, Scotland, to meet at the European Political Consortium Conference. A new Section ‘Governing knowledge’ has been established that ‘would provide a forum for a growing body of research examining the relationship between knowledge, monitoring and policy in the context of global and European governance’. […]

Which institutions and people do British think-tanks ‘talk to’ to turntheir policy ideas into influence on domestic policy? Who do theycollaborate with? What form does such communication and collaborationtake? Does it extend to organisations outside the UK at all? HartwigPautz’ article attempts to give answers to these questions by usingdata from a survey which he […]

About the TTNR

Think Tanks have become influential organizations both in expert circles and in public media. Social scientific research on think tanks at the same time has remained underdeveloped, and is not currently up to the task of adequately capturing and explaining the think tank phenomenon. The Think Tank Network Initiative has been founded to meet this challenge and to narrow the gap.

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