Nato think tanks under the radar

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is turning 70 in April 2019, turning it into the longest lasting military and security alliance ever. Since the early 1990s, NATO has been facing the greatest challenge so far since its inception in 1949 – namely the dissolution of the historical antagonist.


New think tank to push for American Green New Deal: New Consensus

Obviously not a new idea altogether, the ‘Green New Deal’ Proposal pushed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, newly elect Democrat congresswoman from New York, and her allies, differs from previous concepts. The core triangle of decarbonization, social equity and attention to frontline communities is promising and presents a clear agenda for transformative action. The proposal is backed by the new think tank or policy group “New Consensus”. To be watched! (more…)

If Europe fails to turn left, not much will be left of Europe?

The Brexit vote has sent a chilling message across Europe: This European Union can fall apart. The growing strength of right-wing populism and Euroscepticism is frequently considered to result from the neoliberal turn of the EU and from the relative weakness of pro-European progressive forces. In response to increasing calls for partial or complete disintegration, a number of pro-European think tanks and online platforms have been founded or significantly stepped up their activities in recent years. Did they manage to develop and disseminate new ideas to advance European integration?


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